Eyes looking up to Heaven

Eyes looking up to Heaven
Dear God, I'm so tiny, but I know you can hear me, please send me a heart soon so that I can be the little sister, daughter and granddaughter that I know I am destined to be!

Brynn ... a reason to hope

Hi, my name is Brynn Madeleine Lewis. I was born on November 12th to the best parents a girl could have, Scott and Amy Lewis. I also have a wonderful family too, my big brother, Brady Lewis is awesome, he attends Wylie Elementary school in Henderson, TX. My grandparents are Sharon Reeves Collins, Judy Ann Lewis, and Johnny and Judy Lee Lewis. God has blessed me with so many supportive friends and family and that is extra special at this time, because I have a big battle ahead of me. I was born with a congenital heart defect, and despite all the awesome efforts of my doctors, I need a heart transplant ASAP. As you can imagine all the doctors bills, hospital, tests and procedures, can add up to a large amount of money, quickly. My mommy is not able to return to work, and is staying here with me, taking good care of me, with the help of all the terrific nurses and doctors. Once I receive my new heart, we will have to live in Dallas, close to the hospital for at least 3 months, so I can get the proper care and ensure everything goes well. If you would like to help me out in any way, I would forever be appreciative and thankful, and so would Mommy and Daddy, an account has been set up for me to collect any donation you would like to give. Please continue to pray for me and my family, we know that God will take good care of me and He will provide.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just Another Day in Cardiac ICU

It's been a busy day today for Brynn.  We moved to a different room...lucky number 13!  Maybe 13 will be lucky for us.  Since Brynn has been on the transplant list we have been in four different rooms.  Every time we move out of a room, I think to myself, "Will this next room be the room where we receive the news?"  I'm hoping our Irish roots will bring us a very lucky St. Patrick's Day. 
Brynn scared her Mommy really bad this morning.  First, she appeared to be choking, so I quickly elevated her to a sitting position.  She recovered, but I think she just strangled on her saliva.  Then, she did it again, so I screamed for the nurse because she kept struggling.  Three people rushed into the room, but Brynn was allright in a few seconds.  A few minutes later I was standing at Brynn's bedside and I noticed she was in a trance.  I waved my hand in front of her face and called her name, but no response.  I got so scared that I ran out into the hall and grabbed our nurse practitioner and told her that something was wrong with Brynn.  When she lowered Brynn's siderail it caused Brynn to come out of her trance.  This same thing happened later this afternoon, and luckily her doctor just happened to be at her bedside and saw the whole incident play out again.  She thinks these episodes might be seizures.  I get so upset to think that something else may be wrong with Brynn. She has been through so much and just doesn't deserve any more problems!!
Despite all that she has been through, Brynn weighs just over 13 pounds!!  Yea Brynn!  Thunder thighs, a big belly and a double chin never looked so good!! 

Love to you all!

Brynn & Amy

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  1. My precious baby girl...God is holding you in His mighty arms and telling you He's right here and He loves you so much!
    Please, Lord, send a Miracle today for our angel, Brynn.
    I love you so much, Ma-Ma


February 15, 2009

Hello everyone! Well, Valentine's Day has come and gone...we were hoping Brynn would have received a new heart on that day. It wasn't meant to be, but we won't get discouraged!
Brynn has had a busy day today. I discovered that there might be a problem with Brynn's feeding tube. Sure enough, the x-ray showed that it had migrated out of her tummy. That meant she would need it to be taken out and replaced. She did get very upset and her heart rate went up, but she calmed down and I just laid her down for a long night's rest!
If Brynn hasn't received a new heart within the next month, the doctors want to do another cardiac catheterization and plan for the Glenn procedure. It is a surgery to remove the B-T shunt, which she will ultimately outgrow. It will also upgrade her condition to a more stable one.
She is just over 11 pounds (!) and the doctors and nurses are so excited. One of her doctors said that her thighs are really filling out, but that she hasn't reached thunder thigh status quite yet!
I'm going to try to post some pictures, so stay tuned!

Love to you all,